Higher Frequency Promotions
Welcome to the Higher Frequency Promotions home page.  We are but a small Texas based promotion company dedicated to the organization and promotions of live events. 

Our aim is turn the local shows of Kingsville and Corpus Area into Events and Concerts.  We have many goals and ambitions which will eventually change the landscape drastically.  So stay tuned, the more you guy follow the we're motivated to promote.  It's gonna be big.  Our next project we are working on is called "A New Cause Music Festival" and will be taking place yet again at the Office on 6th street June 25th, here in Kingsvilles Texas.  Again we are giving away free shirts to every one who brings our flyers.  They are gonna be different this time so keep an eye out!  We will also be doing many more promotions this time round such as shirt, and art panel raffles, braclet give-aways and who knows time will tell :D. 

Here's what you can do if you don't get a shirt
1 sign the guest book, 
2 give your email or find me on face book facebook.com/therabbitofdoom get into contact I'll fill you in on all the details of future promotions and make it easiest on you!!!
3 join the forum and talk about the promotion.  What you liked, didn't like, how the show, the bands, the promotion anything, really.  We're giving away bracelets to everybody who joins!  You can also Learn about everything we're doing and then sum.  Soon I will be doing secret promotions on the forum alone! 

.  So come out and be part of the scene!  Have a nice time and get to know your local South Texas scene, because we plan to take it to the top! and take you along with US!!!!! with as many free shirts and stuff as we can along the way! :D
Don't forget to sign the guest book and join the forum!!

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